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As a multidisciplinary artist, I work in the field of video art, using symbolism and repetitive frames. Inspired by Sergei Parajanov, I started to make videos and define them as video collages.

Vanane feat. Duke - դիէթիլամիդի սեր (LSD LOVE)

mix/master - VHSound

Tomorrow newspapers will write

That I died of shame, But that is fake news.

Images, pixels, Wine acid spit, LSD love.

Dominate, Serve, Revolutionary thoughts,

Safe spaces, Bureaucratic shits.

Selfish, self-devouring, In a sexual coma,

Characters from the past century, Scared bodies. Shouting from the pavement in front,

Creating a circumstance,

Playing bizarre video advertising.

Traditional cuisine, Paradise, compote, upper floor,

A deep gaze that came out of Artificial art. 

Vanane Feat. Duke - Նստեմ

Inspired by tales Tricked by prayers Nailed to the ground By suspicious pleasures

Overheated, off-cast, loved and oppressed By the chains of power hanging like a spider's web Obsessed with the Armenian gene Stuck to the unsatisfied gene

Bred and matured with your phallocentric myths

Burned-out and fed up, but still satisfied With all the secrets learned by force, With the cult of gossips, With rules of your morale

But there is also one another way Endorphin Dopamine Chocolate Serotonin


I'll sit on your patriarchy's face.


A metaphor for the hypocrisy of equality in the periphery, promoted by media and big corporations. 

Sound art:Duke


Government hypocrisy. Changing, ignoring, and erasing the historical facts. Protest against Israeli governments for non-recognizing Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Turkey in 1915-1918. As a nation that passed Holocaust, Israeli society has to recognize the Armenian Genocide fact.

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