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“Plug-in” is the first multi-disciplinary educational platform for audiovisual media in Armenia, developed by women. It was founded by contemporary artists Anna Vahrami and Vanane Borian in 2018. We as women artists want most want to collaborate with women musicians and visual artists and to promote internationally. We as women artists want to collaborate mostly with women musicians and visual artists and to promote them internationally. It is very important for us to inspire Armenian women and increase their involvement in the audio-visual field.


The transmission from offline to online will allow us to involve bigger auditory of people from all over the world, who want to educate in the audio-visual field. The online format will give us an opportunity to collaborate with artists from Germany. Based on this the classes and workshops will be conducted with the help of professionals from Armenia and Germany.

“Plug-in” consists of educational, creative and production parts. Many young Armenians have been looking for educational options in these areas for many years, mainly abroad, but it is completely absent in the local field. For the development of audiovisual media, the Plug-in is giving an importance to both local and International educational experiences. As an educational program, providing knowledge in the field of audio and video media, both creative and technical (DJ-ing, VJ-ing, music and video production, production, development of sound and light specialists, video and sound art, VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), history and etc.)..



During COVID 19 and global changes, we faced a new reality and realized the complexity of interactions offline. With this in mind, we developed “Plug-in Cube”, which is an alternative  to “Plug-in”. The “Plug-in Cube” is a modular lighting installation that will become an identity sign of our platform and will be the permanent "room" for broadcasting and performances within our project. It is a transportable object which will allow us to set the live streamings of audio and visual performances from different locations.

plug in cube 3-16.png


plug in cube 3-20.png

“Plug-in” has a goal to collaborate with both local and international film producers, performing arts professionals, as well as with theaters, clubs and other interested institutions. And also in the future to create a network of specialists that will expand the opportunities of artists working in this field.

plug in cube 3-17.png

The LABELS are designed to archive and distribute works by audio-visual artists, so "Plug-in" will help them to find producers and organizations relevant to the industry, both in Armenia and abroad. We also will provide technical and promotional support.

record and visual labels

plug in cube 3-19.png

live performances

It is an online platform for musicians worldwide. The goal of the platform is to provide "no border scene". With this platform, we would like to solve the problem of political and geographical borders and create an international network of creators. It is an actual issue for artists from Armenia especially and other countries due to the global pandemic in general.

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visual art performance/music performance

At the end of the courses and workshops, graduate students will perform their final works on our online platform (virtual viewing room). 

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