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Sexual objectification is commonly defined as treating a person as if she were primarily a sexual object. I call this the moral sense: sexual objectification of this kind is morally bad. But there is a second notion of sexual objectification: forming a belief that a person is as one sexually desires her to be. We might call this the epistemic sense: this kind of desire- driven belief formation is epistemically dodgy when belief is supposed to fit the world.

This combined account of sexual objectification is analogous to commodity fetishism as theorised by Marx: both phenomena play a status quo maintaining role, both involve agents forming false beliefs about inherent properties of commodities or women and both beliefs produce evidence for themselves. This comparison is important to better understand the functionings of the social world generally and of sexual objectification specifically.

In Marxist philosophy, the term commodity fetishism describes the relationships of production and exchange as social relationships among things.

*Citations "Objectified Women and Fetishized Objects", by Paula Keller

Series of photographs made during the neo-feminist art residency at Madame Pompadour France, Normandy. 2016

The image of female body fragmentation and sexualization is one of the main issues in my work. I use my own body as a tool, to create images, which could be very sexist out of the context of the art.

Homage to Olympia.  Olympia is reading  books in the library


Media: Photography. Print/digital


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